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Commercial Wall Mural

The Car Barn  

Chattanooga, TN


The approved Car Barn town design ended up having about 1500 sf of mural art (before more was added in 2010), with an additional 1500 sf of varied building facades. Many of the upstairs windows were donned with curtains and/or silhouettes in character with the building. You'll find a bank robber, a child, a lady in rollers, and a dancing couple.


This photo composite shows the entire 60' wall featuring a Check Advance, a 2nd floor business entrance, a beauty shop, a side street, a Harley Davidson® Café (patterned after the one in Las Vegas), and a tavern. Details include neon, stained glass, two working streetlights, one of the silhouettes and painted scenes behind two of the doorways. A close-up of the motorcycles is on the next page. (more >>>)

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