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Commercial Wall Mural

The Car Barn  

Chattanooga, TN


In 2003, I was asked by a contractor friend of mine if I could create a "town".  "Sure!" The owner of an 80' x 60' large garage-type structure wanted a town that included places in Chattanooga that were a part of his personal history.


I was involved in the design from floor to ceiling, inside and (some) out, during the 18-month project. I sketched out where "brick" was to be exposed on the exterior stucco facade. Inside, the floor design (below) had to make sense with the "town" I was creating, the 4 garage doors, and the workshop area behind the walled-in office in the front of the building. So I designed brick roads, stone sidewalks, and stone pavement areas, all in stamped concrete, to connect the elements together.

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