Together, Kat and David offer over 60 years of experience,

as well as varied skills, techniques, and styles to their clients.

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David Riall began his art career in Mobile, AL at the University of South Alabama. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree while attending Manatee College and graduated from the prestigious Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL.


His more than 30 years of art experience ranges from art shows displaying wonderful watercolors, commercial and photo illustrations, painted billboards, as well as painted backdrops and mural work. Work involving backdrops include productions such as the Mobile Jazz Festivals and stage settings such as formal dances, Mardi Gras Balls and community theater. David's extensive airbrushing experience ranges from photo retouching to full-sized outdoor billboards.


Career highlights include designing and painting an original 14' x 30' acrylic mural on canvas, illustrating the great influences of Italy during the Renaissance period. The mural illustrated images of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Columbus, and the Medicis in an Italian street scene. Another favorite project was the restoration of Malbus Greek Orthodox Church near Fairhope, AL which is an 80% reproduction of a Byzantine church.  After the building had been damaged from a hurricane in 1979, numerous attempts to match the original techniques by others had failed. David was contracted to finish the job. He researched the methods of the classical Byzantine period and replicated the layered stenciling done by the original Greek artists. This extensive project also included matching painting styles and gold leafing in various damaged areas in the church. You can find details of this project in the mural art gallery.


David also worked on the set of the movie, "Death Ship", which was a rusted old cargo ship. Its state of ill repair was perfect for the movie. But due to a lack of communication, all the desirable features of the ship were mistakenly sandblasted away in preparation for expected refinishing. So David was hired to recreate the rusted and crusty look of an aged ship. He and his crew of four other artists accomplished the daunting task in less than two weeks! David repeated the aging and rust techniques on many of the movie's props, as well.


David and Kat crossed paths while working together on some community theater backdrops for "The Wizard of Oz", produced by Closed Door Entertainment in Ringgold, GA. Shortly, thereafter Kat asked David to help her on the Car Barn project. His prep work for the artwork created to paint from for a scene including the Carousel from Coolidge Park in Chattanooga, as well as his painting and airbrushing on the same scene, were invaluable contributions to the project. You'll enjoy viewing this project and many others in the mural art gallery.